Forever True, For Iowa State

Hatching a career

Like many Cyclones, Yalitza Curiel fell in love with Iowa State’s campus while on a college tour – but for her, it was scholarship support that convinced her to stay. Now, as she nears graduation, the Robert T. Hamilton Poultry Facility, also made possible by donor support, is shaping her future career.   

“I’ve always been interested in birds,” says Yalitza, a senior majoring in animal and food science. “I joined the poultry interest group on campus where I learned about the different varieties and breeds of chickens. That’s how I got my job at the Poultry Science Farm. Since then, I’ve just run with it.”

Yalitza’s job mostly takes place in the new Hamilton Poultry Facility, where she’s gained
hands-on experience in almost every aspect of egg production.

“The new facility gives students a realistic sense of the poultry industry,” Yalitza says. “You learn about the different areas it offers and see all the research that’s happening. I’ve gotten to see and do a bit of everything.”  

The Robert T. Hamilton Poultry Facility was built entirely through donor support to the Forever True, For Iowa State campaign. By providing real-world experience for students and a top-notch facility for researchers, the facility not only heightens Iowa State’s contributions to poultry health and egg production worldwide but also makes a big impact on Iowa’s economy.

“The state of Iowa is number one in egg production,” says Elizabeth Bobeck, professor of animal science. “Every day, students like Yalitza participate in poultry production and research with an immediate impact for egg producers – and prepare to become future experts for this field.”

“Thanks to donors, I’ll be prepared to step into a job in a field I really love,” Yalitza says.