Forever True, For Iowa State

Aspiration 1

Ensure access to an exceptional education offering practical, global and leadership experiences that shape the well-rounded citizens and informed critical thinkers needed in the 21st century

New support for scholarships is ensuring access to an Iowa State education and attracting an eager, engaged and diverse student body to our university. Support is also enabling students to engage in an exceptional Iowa State experience, from study abroad to student clubs to undergraduate research – and empowering the change these future Cyclones will make in the world.

Karin Holmes sitting on a forest floor

An education in exploration

Karine Holmes came to Iowa State wanting to make an impact in environmental health as a scientist. The Dean’s High Impact Undergraduate Research Award is enabling her to get the research experience to set her on that path.

Carmen Lopez in the lab

A chain reaction

Carmen Lopez knows a little something about chain reactions. She was a high school student in Mexico when the first link of her future career in genetic engineering clicked into place.

Sophie Catus sitting on a brick wall with view of a European city in the background

Hands-on experiences lead to real-world opportunities

To say that Sophie Catus took full advantage of the Iowa State student experience is an understatement. Donor support helped her gain the skills, knowledge and confidence this recent graduate is putting to use on the job.

Members of Cyclone Rocketry pose with rocket in an open area outdoors

Equal opportunity equals experience

Thanks to donor support, Cyclone Rocketry students like Rachel Warner and William Burken will not only be able to access an Iowa State education, but also participate in the experiential learning opportunities that make students’ education so exceptional.

Ryan Gillispie sitting on outdoor steps looking at camera

Perfect timing

Iowa Staters are known for doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals. What does that look like exactly? Meet Ryan Gillispie.

Amber Illescas sitting on a park bench holding two small dogs

Thanks to scholarship support, Amber Illescas is where she belongs

A fan of Animal Planet while growing up in Southern California, Amber Illescas dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. What she didn’t predict is that someday she’d find herself in America’s heartland.  

Grace Jakes poses with children and adolescents in rural Uganda

Healthy animals, healthy people, healthy planet

When Grace Jakes arrived at Iowa State “wanting to work with farm animals,” she didn’t even know how to milk a cow. What a difference an Iowa State education – replete with a study abroad experience in Uganda – makes.

Tom Goetz painting a mural

Designed for a new way of thinking

The OPN Masterclass Tom Goetz was part of as an architecture student was “difficult, challenging and rigorous, but insanely rewarding and memorable. It was transformative.”

Students wearing masks, sitting beneath a decorative periodic table

The stepping-stones to becoming a researcher

The research Iowa State senior Alex Leffel performs in Professor Theresa Windus’s chemistry lab isn’t what one typically envisions – there are no test tubes of volatile substances – but it’s just as potent.

Natalia Rios Martinez looking down from a balcony in Beardshear Hall

Empowering students to change the world

A triple major and human rights advocate with several internships, Natalia Rios Martinez is the epitome of student engagement. But if it weren’t for her mother’s nudge and donor support, she may have never discovered the Iowa State experience.

Two students watching an object take shape in a 3-D printer

Innovating the education of innovators

Ayman Karmi is a drummer. He loves playing jazz on his kit with other musicians. He’s also a materials engineering major. And right now, the Iowa State senior is merging his two interests to innovate for a better world.

Kelsey Hrubes looks over the shoulder of two young females working on computers

A code of their own

Girls tend not to choose computer science careers partly because of a lack of role models. That’s where 2017 computer science graduate Kelsey Hrubes comes in.